Enroll now for a Free online 3d printing Course for Business Leaders

Time and again we have spoken about how 3d Printing is going to change everything we know about manufacturing of a product. Unfortunately, some people who are sitting at the top of More »

1click3dprint opens the First 3d Printing store in Miami

Miami is called the Southern Florida’s crown jewel and that too for a good reason. It’s famous for its sun-soaked beaches, the Cuban culture and the many Hollywood celebrities that call it More »

3d Printed Safe Cracker means nothing is safe any more

3d Printing just like any other technology is a double-edged sword, if used the right way it has the virtue of being the technology that can save lives however if this technology More »

LEAP Jet Engine Successfully Completed its 1st Test Flight with 3d Printed Parts.

LEAP is the best selling Jet Engine ever made in collaboration between GE and CFM International. It needs a lot of courage to make changes to something that’s already considered perfect. That’s More »

3d Printed Les Paul Guitar made for $150 Australian Dollar.

We all know how disruptive 3d Printing technology has been for the manufacturing industry. 3d Printing has allowed people be open to challenges and find new and innovative ways of solving a More »


Enroll now for a Free online 3d printing Course for Business Leaders

Deloitte University

Time and again we have spoken about how 3d Printing is going to change everything we know about manufacturing of a product. Unfortunately, some people who are sitting at the top of the business world are still not very confident in accepting this technology. Business are very skeptical about the advantages of 3d Printing. I remember being at a conference where we were showing some 3d Printed stuff and talking about 3d printing and the advantages it gives to the prototyping business. The chief guest of that conference (whom I would not like to name) was supposedly a very forth coming to accept new technologies. He did not sound too convinced at how additive manufacturing can help businesses. He called it an immature or in his own words KIDDISH technology. Corporates which are into manufacturing business have not changed the way a product is made for quite some time now, the change that 3d Printing has to offer scares the S#@* of out them. I am not trying to generalize things however that’s a very personal experience of mine.

3d printing course

Deloitte University Texas, has come forward to help business leaders understand the benefits of 3d printing. They have announced a Free online 3d printing Course for Business Leaders. This course will be focused on how 3d Printing can be used effectively for their particular business model, it also focuses on the changes that business require to accept this new technology. This online course will be available between Octobe 19-November 22.

This Free online 3d printing Course for Business Leaders would be launched under the massive open online course program that Deloitte University for a long time now. The have code named it “3d Opportunity”.

Some the questions that this 3d printing for Course aims to answer as as follow.

  • What is additive manufacturing?
  • How will AM impact my business?
  • What is happening in key sectors impacted by AM?
  • What factors influence the business case for AM?

There cannot be a better opportunity to understand 3d Printing. If you are a decision maker for your business or the organization you work for mark the dates mentioned above in your swanky looking planner that you have in your hand because “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them”.  Watch the introductory video of the Free online course on 3d printing.

iBoxPrinters launches a Revolutionary 3D resin printer iBox nano on kickstarter

iBox nano

Its raining 3d printers at kickstarer, iBoxPrinters is the latest company to have launched a 3D resin printer called iBox nano for crowd funding. I try and be non biased when reviewing 3d printers however there are times when a product just blows you away with its features. iBox nano is one of those 3d Printer.

iBox nano resin printer

iBox nano is built for the future, The developers seem to have understood the need of a portable, easy to use, high resolution printer. They sounded proud about the printer when they said “The iBox Nano is the start of the home based 3D printing and replicating age. The Nano is the worlds smallest, lightest and most inexpensive 3D printer.”

I have to agree that they seem to be making some tall claims with their iBox nano DLP printer. The developers do not seem to be shy in coping the naming patern of Apple. Thank god they did not use “one more thing” slogan on their kickstarter page.

iBox nano

Lets see what are the unique selling points on the iBox nano 3d Printer.

  • It prints at 328 microns on the X-Y axis which means the print quality would be pretty high. Aroung 0.39 microns at the Z axis.
  • It used UV LEDs rated lights to harden the resin which means the printer would be super energy efficient as well the the ultra durable led bulbs will last a lifetime. LED Lights do not emit much heat which means no fans are used to cool the printer, hence the printer would be super silent.
  • Powered using an onboard Raspberry Pi, that has 4 usb ports, HDMI port as well as 8gb SD Card
  • It has a browser based printing option and has an inbuilt wi-fi system which mean the printer can print without tethering to any computer.
  • Super light weight, just below 1.1 kg or 3 pounds, can also be operated  using batteries the battery option lasts approximately 10 hours.

iBox nano is being sold for $189 for early birds supports, and $299 for regular customers after the crowdfunding is over. iBoxPrinters plans to raise $300,000 to fund their DLP Priter. While I was writing this article 179 people had already backed their product.

iBox nano featuresiBox nano precisioniBox nano priceiBox nano print

iBox  nano Specification :

  • Build Area: 40x20x90mm (1.57×0.79×3.54″)
  • Resolution X-Y: 328 Microns; Z: 0.39-100 Microns
  • Printer Size: 85x110x235mm (3.4×4.3×9.25″)
  • Weight: 1.1kg (2 Lbs 7oz)
  • Power Consumption – Printing: 2.7 Watts (500mA @ 5v)
  • Power Consumption – Idle: 1.5 Watts (310mA @ 5v)
  • Connectivity: WiFi and/or 100BT Ethernet
  • Printer Software: 100% Browser Based
  • Material: Resin (iBox Resin and Makerjuice)

If the developers are successful in making this printer available for the open market, iBox nano would change the 3d printing industry forever. I may have my doubts but still  have my fingers crossed.


1click3dprint opens the First 3d Printing store in Miami


Miami is called the Southern Florida’s crown jewel and that too for a good reason. It’s famous for its sun-soaked beaches, the Cuban culture and the many Hollywood celebrities that call it their home. If these attractions were not good enough for you to visit Miami, there is a new one that will set your heart on. 1click3dprint is all set to open its 1st 3d printing store in Miami.

3dprinting Miami


1click3dprint will open the doors of this store on 17Th October 2014, and is located at 203 NW 36th Street, Miami, FL, 33137. This 3d printing store would cater to both amateur as well as professional 3d Printing needs.  High Detail Plastic, Full-Color Plastic and Low Detail Plastic like ABS and PLA are some of the kind of materials that can 3d Printing at the store.

Let’s find out what 3d Printing store in Miami has to offer its customers.

1. 3d Printing services using ABS and PLA to Polycarbonate and Polypropylene.

2. Prototyping assistance.

3. 3d Scanning.

4. Full Body Scanning

5. Learn 3d Printing techniques.

3d Printing is taking over all of prototyping industry and as I guess having a physical store is the only way to expand this business further. 1click3dprint has taking the right initiative as this store gives them the option to have real contact with their customers and this would help them serve their customers better.

We got a chance to speak to the CEO of 1click3dprint Mr. Werner Blumenthal who said.

“1Click3DPrint is a one stop shop for all your 3D printing and prototyping needs. Every day, our family of companies guides our customers through the entire product development life-cycle: from 3D modeling initial design concepts to 3D printing final designs. Our goal is to democratize access to 3D printing and take small scale manufacturing to the next level.”

“We are committed to sharing the world of 3D printing with everyone and we believe services like this one are an intrinsic part of achieving this.”

3d Printing stores are mushrooming all around the world and I do not see this trend fizzing out any time soon. Who knows one day Jennifer Lopez who lives in Miami might just turn up at the 1click3dprint’s 3d printing store for a full body scan or a 3d printed Selfie and revolutionize manufacturing with 3D printing.

3d Printing helps a Man get his smile back.

3dprinting for healthcare

When you see a 3d Printer in action for the first time in your life, all you can do is stand in complete awe and a smile on your face. I get that exact feeling every time I write about something new happening in the field of 3d Printing. And when the news comes from my own country India, it gives me a sense of pride and patriotism. The Story I am going to tell you people today not just glorifies 3d Printing it celebrates humanity as a whole.

41 year male G. A. ( name changed) was diagnosed as having Cancer of the palate(upper jaw). He underwent surgery for Infra structure maxillectomy (removal of the upper jaw and palate). This exposed his nose as well as maxillary sinus to the oral cavity (mouth).

3dprinting for healthcareHe also underwent radiotherapy for six weeks. Following which he developed trismus (reduced mouth opening ) due to radiation induced fibrosis. His mouth opening was around 20 mm when he reported. The food intake was difficult as it is going inside the nose and maxillary defect, speech was altered (Nasal speech) esthetics were affected. Resulting in loss of productive life. Many dentists tried and refused to give him an obturator as it was extremely difficult to take impression and prepare a mold or cast on which the obturator could be prepared. All this because of reduced mouth opening.


3dprinting for healthcare 1

Dr. Satyajit Dandagi, a maxillofacial surgeon exploring innovative methods to solve the case. At the same time, he got in touch with Deepak Raj from df3d who introduced him to Osteo3d  which uses 3dprinting for healthcare applications.


A CT scan with a 3D reconstruction was done for the patients face. Osteo3d 3dprinted the Mandible( lower jaw) as well as the Maxilla (upper jaw ) with the defect and the teeth. This was used as a model for getting a wax model of the obturator. The model simulated all the movements of the jaw joint. A trial run was done on the patient and necessary adjustments were done in the wax. This wax model was acrylysed and handed over to the patient, which improved his eating, swallowing, speech, smile and his daily life.

3dprinting for healthcare2

This kind of surgery have been taking place for some time now however before the advancement of 3d printing technology such surgeries used to take ages. Often the patients had to suffer for years.

Kudos Deepak Raj from df3d and the team at Osteo3d, you guys rock.

3d Printed Safe Cracker means nothing is safe any more

3d Printed safe cracker

3d Printing just like any other technology is a double-edged sword, if used the right way it has the virtue of being the technology that can save lives however if this technology falls in the hands of twisted minds it can cause serious damage to the mankind. We have already seen that 3d Printed guns can be a reality and the though of this gun making technique falling into the hands of terrorist organizations give me nightmares. 3d Printed safe cracker which was displayed at Ruxcon Security Conference in Melbourne is yet another example of this noble technology being used in the wrong way. This new DIY device is certain to give sleepless nights to governments and security agencies.


3d Printed safe cracker Image source 3d Printed safe

3d Printed safe cracker is made in just 15 days by 2 security experts Luke Jahnke and Jay Davis with the help of 3d printed parts, step motors and open-source Arduino technology. The Audrino board on the Safe Cracker uses all possible permutation and combination to open a lock. Jahnke and Davis said “Most safes are group 2 combination locks, which let users set a combination of up to three numbers. Typically, the locks come pre-coded with one of about 10 different default combinations, and most users stick with the default combo since lock makers make it pretty difficult to change the default code.”

The prototype of the 3d Printed safe cracker was tested at Ruxcon Security Conference in Melbourne last week. The automatic brute force attacks which was preinstalled on the Arduino board of the device could open almost any group 2 lock combination in less than four days. If these Arduino’s were programmed with 10 default codes that safe making companies often use and if you were not savvy enough to have changed your safe combination then this 3d Printed safe cracker could break open your safe within a few minutes.

If you think changing the safe combination would save you, you are mistaken again. Luke Jahnke and Jay Davis are working on an advanced Arduino system that could restart the safe opening from where it left off. This means if the robbers were scared of being caught they could come back and open the safe some other time. Source theregister

Click here to watch the video of the 3d Printed safe cracker in action

Wipro makes a 3d Printed Skull within a day to help a patient in India

3d Printed skull

Smartprinting has covered a lot of news/stories about how 3d Printing has touched peoples lives. On a personal level I have never been so moved by any of these stories as I am with the story I am going to tell today. August 14 2014 a 3d printing Lab at Wipro received a call from a reputed hospital from Mumbai. The Neurosurgeon on phone sounded worried and impatient, He asked Somasekarappa (Who leads the Advanced Manufacturing Solutions unit Wipro), “How fast can he make a 3d Printed Skull”.

Somasekarappa who has no experience in the use of 3d Printers for Bio printings was astonished and questioned the doctor further. The doctor replied that there is a patient in the hospital who has met with a car accident and has a life threatening skull fracture. If the patient did not get immediate replacement parts for his skull the person could go in for Coma. Somasekarappa asked the doctor to send the skull scans and other specifications so that he can make a 3d Printed Skull out of titanium using Wipro’s recently acquired $1 million printer.

Until now Wipro’s Advanced Manufacturing Solutions unit had used this 3d printer to make satellite antennas, parts of hydraulic pumps and even 3d printed fuel nozzles for jet engines.

maltesh-s.27.fullOnce he received the scans he along with 4 of his team members began work on the 3d Printed Skull. They were able to make the replacement skull for the patient in less than a few hours. Somasekarappa who has mixed feeling about his remarkable feat when he said that “By lunch on August 15, we were ready to ship the skull,” unfortunately “the patient slipped into coma and is still not in a condition to be operated upon.”

This story is one with happily ever ending, however that’s exactly how life is. The lessons that the Indian medical fraternity needs to learn from this story is that Bio 3d Printing is a life saving tool that is being used all around the world. According to a latest report there are 25 global companies who have setup their Research and Development units in India. Unfortunately we hear little to almost no work happening in the field of 3d Bio Printing. Who knows if we had some company investing more of their money and resources for making 3d printers that can print bone structures and soft tissues that patient who went into coma would have survived.

Having said that, I do not want to dismiss the courageous task of making a 3d Printed Skull done by Wipro. Kudos to you and you team. Source Economic Times (India)

Autodesk to Feature Spark Open Software Platform at Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara – Get 10% OFF!

Spark Open Software Platform

Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara is just a week away, and MecklerMedia has announced some exciting news for what’s in store for the upcoming Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in Santa Clara. Jeff Kowalski, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Autodesk, will be featuring Autodesk’s latest 3D printing and design software during the event on October 21-23, 2014.

Kowalski will also discuss his predictions about the future of how things are made with an emphasis on how widespread access to 3D design and fabrication technology is disrupting industries of all kinds.

More than 40 sponsors and exhibitors will be participating in the event, including Made in Space, Inc., who will be displaying one of their 3D printers that is designed to print in zero-gravity conditions. Also on display will be a scale model of a 130-piece motorcycle, created on Stratasys 3D printers using FDM® technology.

See the full agenda here!

Ticket prices will increase on site, so attendees are encouraged to register before October 21 for the best rate. Group discounts are available for 2+ attendees from the same organization.

Interested in attending? Get 10% OFF Gold and Silver Passports with code SMART10. Register now!

LEAP Jet Engine Successfully Completed its 1st Test Flight with 3d Printed Parts.


LEAP is the best selling Jet Engine ever made in collaboration between GE and CFM International. It needs a lot of courage to make changes to something that’s already considered perfect. That’s exactly what GE decided to do when they announced that the LEAP Jet Engine’ will replace the traditional Fuel Nozzles and Fan Blades of the engine with one that are 3d Printed.


Every Jet engine has around 20 Fuel Nozzles and a pair of Fan Blades, these parts of the engine takes the most beating. The 3d Printing technologies available at the time were not good enough to make such parts. So General Electric Aviation, contacted Arcam AB which had developed a new kind of 3d Printing technique.


Unlike the 3d printing method laser sintering which was used at that time, Arcam uses a 3-kilowatt electron gun to accelerate electrons in the Electron Beam Melting additive manufacturing method to build light-weight titanium 3d parts. This EBM 3d Printing technique makes parts that are four times thicker than the ones printer using laser sintering techniques. Hence GE was not just able to makes the 3d Printed Jet Engine parts they were able to make it better. EBM 3D printing makes the process of making 3d printed turbine parts simpler and more cost effective. GE has also announced that the companies which use the 3d Printed Nozzles and 3d Printed Fan Blades will save around $1,600,000 in fuel cost as well.


The good news that GE and CMF’s LEAP Jet Engine Successfully Completed its 1st Test Flight with 3d Printed Parts. The Test flight lasted 3 hours, this is one of the 1st test of the many that are about to follow. CMF team present at the test flight said “The LEAP Engine behaved well and completed multiple aeromechanical test points at various altitudes.” The test pilot sounded very positive about the 3d Printed Jet Engine parts and said “The LEAP engine behaved like a real veteran as we took it through its aerodynamic clearance points.”.

GE REPORTS about LEAP’s 3d Printed Jet Engine parts

“The idea was to improve the manufacturing of parts made from an advanced aerospace material called titanium aluminide (TiAl). The material is 50 percent lighter than the nickel-based alloys typically used for low pressure turbine blades. Blades made from the material can reduce the weight of the entire low pressure turbine by 20 percent.” GE has also begun the construction of a new factory dedicated to making 3D printed jet engine fuel nozzles in Alabama. Gregg Morris, who runs the additive manufacturing programs at GE Aviation, rather quaintly says: “The sky is the limit.”


Also Read : G E to open a 3D Printing Facility in India

Until now even the staunch supporters of 3d Printing Industry had looked at 3d printing way of manufacturing as one that’s only fit for prototyping. General Electric Corporation has gone all out to change the image of the 3d Printing industry. They have shown the world that 3d Printers if used effective can make high quality products at a cheaper cost.

Do you think that LEAP 3d Printed Jet Engine parts will do to the 3d Printing Industry. Share your views with us.