Learn 3d Printing at Makers Asylum

Hi Folks, I remember explaining a Tech Blogger about 3d Printing and he could not grasp the idea that something real and physical can be made on a printer. While explaining the concept of 3d Printing I realized that if I had a 3D Printer to show him how make objects outs of thin air it would be lot more easier for me to teach him the technology behind it. 3d Printing is a difficult thing to explain to someone who has never seen a 3D Printer. Maker’s Asylum which is a non profit community place has made this difficult task a reality. If You want to Learn 3D Printing its a perfect place to start from.


Based in Bandra, Mumbai, Maker’s Asylum is a place that provides the tools required for innovators and DIY enthusiast to make the things they could not because of lack of equipments and technical know how to use them. I was there yesterday and had an extremely nice time with 3d Printing enthusiast.I got the opportunity to be meet one of the co founders Vaibhav Chhabra of Makers Asylum and he came across as an extremely polite and knowledgeable person. He took the session where he taught people about the basics of 3d Printing and the software’s used to operate a 3d Printer.

The 2 hours course on the basic’s of 3d Printing at Maker’s Asylum covered these topics.

How the 3D printer works
- Various methods of 3D printing. (SLS, SLA, FDM)
- Setting up the machine
- Software used to make 3D models (Sketch up, free cad, and thingiverse customiser)
- Making your designs ready for the printer.

Makers Assylum has a Flash Forge 3d Printer and prototype 3d printer built by Cycloid which assist people while they learn 3d Printing. For a nominal fee of Rs. 1000 you also get 5 hrs worth of free printing time on their 3d printer. They have a 3d Printing Training biweekly and one can call any time of the week and arrange a appointment for people who wish to use the 3d Printer.

They facility also has an electronics lab, a CNC mill, wood working hand and power tools for people who want to work on DIY projects. Any one can use these tools who has successful completion of equipment-specific Safety and basic training – They don’t want you to get Killed !!


Check out some Images from the 3d Printing Training held at Maker’s Asylum yesterday.

So what are you guys waiting for ? learning 3d Printing cannot get any easier than this. Call Maker’s Asylum today and find out when is the next 3d printing training session. If you need more information about Makers Asylum or the courses they offer and the equipments that have with them drop in a comment below and we will get the information for you.

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World First 3d Printed Car Challenge Winners Announced.

In the month of April this year localmotors.com announced an interesting challenge to design the Worlds First 3D Printed Car and also announced that the winner of the best Car design will receive a cash price of $5000. The winner would also to be invited for the International Manufacturing Technology Show where they will hold a special event which will showcase Live 3d Printing manufacturing this 3d Printed car. This Show will be held between September 8-13 at Chicago, Illinois.

As many as 206 entries were received for this challenge and the winner and the runners-up were selected by a team of independent judges. Lets take a look at the winner and the runners up of Worlds First 3d Printed Car Design Challenge.

Strati : The design which won the 1st prize was submitted by Michele Anoé . an Italian designer. The car designed by is an excellent piece of art and engineering. Strati the worlds 1st 3d Printed car will also the first of its kind to have 3d printed removable seats. (One can chose the color of the Seat he wants, These seats would allow complete customization of colors and the interiors of the car.) The Body of Strati would be made from one piece 3D printed Carbon Fiber and is designed to hold the headlamp, mirrors, windshields and electronic parts together. The judges were extremely impressed with this design and according to Dr. Lonnie Love who one of the judges on the independent panel he said Strati has “Excellent balance between innovation, complexity and practicality. It has good 3D lines and the retractable roof is really cool.”


Other entries which received accolade at this Worlds First 3d Printed Car Design Challenge and received cash price of $1000 each are as follows.

TaurusNut : This car received the 1st price in the community viewers choice award. It was touted to the eventual winner of the 3d Printed Car Design Challenge, however the judges opted for Strati. It has a never before used vertical struts to support the upper surfaces, which saves  weight and makes the body of the car sturdy.

TaurusNut - 3d Printed Car

Other 3d Printed Car designs which also won consolation prices are mentioned below.


3DPCX 3d Printed car

LM Supernova

LM Supernova 3d Printed car

LM e-Spider

LM e-Spider 3d printed car


Mirage 3d Printed car


Aeroblade 3d Printed car

I loved all the design that were made for the worlds first 3d Printed Car and I believe all of them have the potential to be made into real 3d Printed cars soon. What’s your take on these designs ? Do share your views and opinions with us. And keep coming back for News and updates about 3d Printing.

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CreoPop 3D Pen uses Cool ink and can make doodles even on your skin !!

By now we all are familiar with the 3doodler that collected record breaking amount of money at kickstarter. It’s an amazing device to boost creativity and design 3d doodles however in reality it’s just a soldering gun heating plastic filaments to give solidity to the designs you make. I would not give my child a device that heats up to 270 degrees, would you?.  3doodler also gives foul odour while making doodles because the plastic is heated and melted to make designs and the doodle are made in basic color and look novice. CreoPop 3D Pen is a device that made to counter these design flaws of 3 doodler and helps you create wonderfully colorful doodles.


CreoPop 3D Pen is made to work on a revolutionary design that does heat up plastic like the 3doodler, in fact it uses cool ink and built in ultra violet light to harden colored resins which cuts down the risk burning oneself because of a heated device and the bad. Creopop 3d pen is uses photopolymers which hardens when exposed to an ultraviolet light which is built into the device.


CreoPop 3D Pen is easy to use and can be used by both adults and kids, the actual pen is operated by a built in battery and can be charged with on board micro USB port. To top these mind blowing features the developers of this 2nd generation 3d doodle pen have promised to have many kinds of Cool ink. CreoPop website indicates that they have Cool inks that change color with temperature, Electricity conductive ink, glows-in-the-dark Ink, Elastic ink , Magnetic, and even a Body painting Ink.


I have seen almost all of 1st generation 3d Pens and have worked with them, till today I was eagerly waiting for Lix 3d Pen to take my doodling to a professional level. However from what I have seen today I was more than impressed. If you have seen the CreoPop 3D Pen working and got the impression it would be an expensive gadget there is a surprise in store for you. CreoPop 3D Pen would be soon available on crowd funding website Indiegogo for as less as $89. We would inform you as and when the CreoPop 3D Pen is available for funding, you can also subscribe to their newsletter on their website.

Lets take a look at the gallery of 3d doodles made using CreoPop 3D Pen !!

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Worlds First 3d Printed Gun Scanner

According to many skeptics the world has become a dangerous place because of 3d Printing. These men/women tend to ignore the universe of possibilities that 3d Printing open’s and like to focus on the hazards to mankind because of 3d Printed Guns. Every year hundreds of people around the world are killed due to free access to arms and ammunition’s however off late people have written and heard more about the dangers of 3d printed guns than that of real guns. I guess a 3d printed gun scanner would the perfect device to make these people stop from spreading unnecessary panic in common public.


One of the concerns people have about 3d Printed guns is that they are virtually undetectable to conventional metal detectors and scanners. World is a different place ever since the 9/11 incident and people are scared that anyone can arm themselves with 3d Printed Guns and pass trough the airport security and can be responsible for another such horrific act of terror. The tech world share the concerns of such people and have made the Worlds First 3d Printed Gun Scanner.


                      How Does 3d Printed Gun scanner work

Radio Physics Solutions is a company based in ‘cyber valley’ Western England and they have raised £700,000 from crowd sourcing website syndicateroom to mass produce this 3d Printed Gun Scanner. The test run for the technology used in these scanners were codenames NABIS-RPS 3D Gun Detector and were had successful trial run in February. These 3d Printed Gun scanners use radio waves a built in computer and artificial intelligence to access the threat level and pinpoints the place there the possible weapon is concealed. The whole process of detecting and alerting the officials takes around a second. The scanner’s once available will be used to do random scanning of people at airports, railway stations and crowded places.  3d Printed Gun scanners has a range of 25 meters which is amazing considering that its a new technology.


According to syndicateroom there are huge requirements for these 3d Printed Gun Scanner, state agencies like Scotland Yard, Hong Kong Customs, Iraq Security, US Department of Defense, and The World Cup organizers in Brazil have shown interest in buying these detectors.

The 3d Printed Gun Scanner inventor and lead researcher Nick Bowring told the press that “It’s really a combination of a radar system and an AI-based computer system,”. According to the website of Radio Physics Solutions these scanners are a part of Standoff Detection security solution and can detect firearms, knives, improvised bombs and 3d Printed guns. It looks like a complete solution for security agencies.

So if you were worried that world will not be  the same again because of 3d Printed guns, 3d Printed Gun Scanner has the potential to eliminate the treat completely. Stay calm and keep 3d Printing .

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Made in India : Pramaan 3d Printer

Last week we introduced you people to Julia 3d Printer which was made indigenously in India; it’s time to make you aware about another Indian 3d Printer which is the best in its class. Pramaan 3d Printer !!

Pramaan 3d Printer is built by a company called global3dlabs and is one of the few Indian 3d Printers to be available for Indian customers. Pramaan is a a robust looking PLA based 3d Printer with excellent built quality and to top it all, it has the highest in its class build volume of 22.5×24.5 x22cm which gives the owner the opportunity to 3d Print large objects at ease.

Pramaan 3d Printer comes with an LCD display that can show 11 different languages which can be preselected according to preferences. It can be used as a standalone printer thanks to the SD card connectivity, to top all these amazing features -  its an open source printer which means one can use any PLA Filament available in the market and it can also print with any software you want to design the 3d object.


Pramaan 3d Printer Technical Specifications :

    • Pramaan is a FFF technology based 3d Printer.
    • Build Volume: 22.5×24.5×22 cm3.
    • Layer Resolution: 100 microns
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm , Nozzle Type: J-Hotend
    • Filament used : 1.75mm
Software used with Pramaan 3d Printer.

Printer interface:Pronterface
Slicing software:Slic3r/Repetier Host

The price of Pramaan 3d Printer is just Rs. 75000 or $1250. The cost at which global3dlabs is selling this robust printer is the icing on the cake that was needed to buy this printer. When we spoke to global3dlabs they informed us that their 3d Printer comes along with 6 months of warranty for the date of delivery and a lifetime of customer support.

So if you are planning to buy a 3d Printer in India we would strongly suggest that you chose between Julia and Pramaan as you would get warranty as well as reliable customer support which is extremely important which working with 3d printers.


Do let us know if you liked our article about Pramaan 3d Printer and if you have some questions about this printer feel free to head over to the developers website or you can post them as comments on our website. We will make sure someone from global3dlabs responds to your queries.

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Hot looking 3d Printed Bag made by Nike for Fifa 2014 – Rebento Duffel

Hello viewers, a few months ago Nike was in news for making the 1st ever 3d Printed Shoes. Nike’s done a first every yet again with a hot looking Nike 3d Printed bag, designed and developed specially for Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Nike 3d Printed bag has been named Rebento Duffel which also means explode  in Portuguese and is made carry playing gears for Neymar, Rooney and Ronaldo to Brazil Fifa world cup 2014. IT should also be noted that Nike is a co sponsor of the Fifa world cup .

Rebento Duffel’s lower part of body looks inspired by the flyknit patterns which was also used in their 3d Printed Shoes, and the base takes clue from the stud plates on the Magista and Mercurial boots. Nike has used laser sintering technology to make its intertwined weave structure. This structure is made of fully-flexible and durable 3D printing material, nylon.

Nike’s 3d Printed bag looks like a perfect blend of the old with the new. While 3d Printed parts are extensively used in the bottom half of the Rebento Duffel’s bag, the upper half looks like its made of old school handcrafted leather. Nike has used 3d Printing extensively well to mix the old with the new. The use of personalized 3d Printed Gold Studs add the glamour needed for one of its kind bag.

Nike is pioneering in 3d Printing techniques which means we are soon to be exposed by an array of sport wear, and gears which are made for commoners. Will this help 3d Printing industry ? only time will tell. Till then lets look and enjoy the extremely beautiful Rebento Duffel – Worlds First Nike 3d Printed Bag.


To get more information about 3d Printing and its application in our every day lives keep coming back. If you have any opinions or comments feel free to let us know by posting comments on posts.

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lets meet Julia 3d Printer made by Fracktal Works

India is one of the most robust economies in the world, with a GDP growth rate of around 7% on average. The world has accepted India as a powerhouse for skilled labor in Information technology. India could have been the best places for the development of 3d Printing business and technological advancement, however despite of such a conducive environment it is extremely unfortunate that none of the Big guns in 3d Printing industry have yet tapped this market.  Would that hold the Indian 3d Printing industry back ? The answer is NO. There are some brilliant engineering brains available right in our backyards who have understood the big hole in demand and supply of 3d Printers in India and have come out with some indigenous 3d Printers at an amazing price point. Lets see one option available for Indian Consumers, Julia 3d Printer.


Julia 3d Printer is the brainchild of two budding engineers from MIT Manipal. Vijay Raghav Varada (CEO, Fracktal Works Pvt. Limited) and Rohit Asil (CTO, Fracktal Works Pvt. Ltd.) they have always had a passion for engineering and have worked on several projects together. On one such occasion, they happened to be at a college’s festival where they heard about the 3D printing revolution in the west due to easy availability of open source software for this application. What really caught their attention was the fact that a person stood on a 3D printed part and the part came out scratch-less from its ordeal. This amazed them both and they decided to work out a way to make their own 3D printer. What followed was a 15 day marathon which culminated into the creation of their first prototype of a 3D printer. Around the same time, their college’s annual business plan competition Provenance was around the corner. They entered the competition and with their unique idea and diligence, they won the event, which enabled them to be incubated by Manipal University Technology Business Incubator with a grant of 5 lakh rupees.


left-Rohit, Right-Vijay

After being incubated, Fracktal Works was officially born on the 12th of July, 2013 and the initial prototype gave way to the more sophisticated and highly calibrated printer Julia. Julia 3d Printer was a result of a lot of hard work over many days and nights by the Fracktal Works team and the end product left everyone amazed.

Their work was first noticed by the mass media through a friend of ours who worked at The Times of India, Hyderabad. When the article was published, it received massive attention from the readers and about 10,000 likes from online readers. This gave the confidence of the Fracktal Works team a reassuring boost. Then there was no looking back and Julia got featured in many other mass media platforms and events like The Economic Times, IPF online, Maker Faire, Thought Potters and Asianet.

The journey, from the idea to its realisation, has been a very inspiring for Fracktal Works till now. The company aims to be the pioneer of the 3D printing revolution in India. With an apt tagline of ‘Creation Unbound” and a dedicated & efficient team, sky is the limit for this inspired bunch of youngsters.

Lets take a look at the Feature of Julia 3d Printer :


  • One of a kind zero wrap free printing.
  • SD card printing
  • speeds up to 100mm/s,75 micron precision
  • Full metal hot end
  • state of art easy filament holder design
  • print stabilizing hot end
  • build volume of 20*20*20 cm


An American 3d with similar capability would cost anywhere between $1500 to $2300 however Julia 3d Printer is available for as low as $1000 (Rs. 60000). The value you get with Julia 3d Printer makes it one of the cheapest 3d printer not just in India but all across the globe.


When we contacted the developer of Julia 3d Printer we were informed that they are working on a new version is touted to be faster, more accurate and aesthetically designed. We would inform our viewers as soon as an updated version of Julia is available in the market. Note : we did not receive any monetary benefit to write this piece of article about Julia 3d Printer.

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GeckoTek Build Plate The Non Stick solution for a 3d Printer !!

My grand mom once told me that making egg poach or sunny side up was a big task before they got the Teflon coated pans and cookware’s. I can relate her troubles with the one 3d printers face these days. 3d printed objects tend to stick to the building base and removing it at times can almost destroy the finished product.

To overcome this limitation of low cost filament based 3d printers, people have tried almost all possible ways however none have succeeded in solving this issue. I know people who have tried, hair sprays, Kapton Tape, Blue tape, and ABS dissolved in acetone, thing to note is that these products are not made for the purpose.

If removing the finished 3d printed object from the build platform gives you a scare, do not worry !! The solution is expected soon, and it’s called GeckoTek Build Plate.

GeckoTek Build Plate is covered with an unknown coating of some kind of compound that prevents extruded plastic from getting stuck to the building plate. Once GeckoTek Build Plate is available in the market you would have to remove the building plate of your 3d printer and replace it with the same. These plates would have magnets embedded at the bottom to hold the base in place.

Once the object is 3d printed on this GeckoTek Build Plate all you need to do is flex the plate ever so slightly to remove the printed object. These building plates would support both cold and heated building base 3d printers. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it ? Take a look to believe it

GeckoTek Build Plate would be available on kick starter soon, we will keep you updates as and when this amazing thing is available you could also subscribe to the developers newsletter to get an instant info or the the release date. (Link provided below). Source : http://www.geckotek3d.com/

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3d Printed cast heals a lot faster than the convention Fracture Plaster.

Have you ever had a broken bone ? if yes you know the pain and the eternity of waiting for the Bones to heal. The convention orthopedic cast are a real pain in the A**. They can cause itchiness that along with the pain can be extremely irritating. If we look at the history of Orthopedic cast there is hardly any innovation since the mid 1800 and hence the invention of 3d Printed cast is the best thing that could have happened for people with broken bones.

Traditional Bone fracture cast

Before we tell you the benefits of 3d Printed Orthopedic cast lets try and find out the limitations of the traditional Fracture Plaster.

  • The traditional Fracture Plaster is made of Plaster of Paris which prevents air supply to the injured parts of the body, hence the skin under the Plaster becomes dry and scaly because there is no way to clean off the dead skins.
  • It can cause macerations, ulcerations, infections, rashes, itching, burns, and allergic contact dermatitis, which may also be due to the presence of formaldehyde within the plaster bandages.
  • In hot weather, staphylococcal infection of the hair follicles and sweat glands can lead to severe and painful dermatitis.
  • Plaster of Paris fracture cast are extremely heavy and restricts movement.
  • Other treatment like ultrasonic bone treatments cannot work with these kind of fracture plasters.  Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthopedic_cast
3d Printed cast is built to overcome these limitations and heal bone fractures faster.


3D Printed Cast is the brainchild of Deniz Karasahin and has named it as Osteoid. The 3d Printer Orthopedic cast is a work of art and helps heal the Bones faster. To create this state of the art cast the limbs of the patient is scanned and then is tweaked using the 3d modeling software and sent to the 3d Printers. The whole cast is not printed all together. They are printed in parts and joined together with screws placed in strategic parts of the 3D Printed Cast. This cast is extremely light weight and has holes to that a person can dust off the dead skin which causes itching.

3d Printer Orthopedic cast when coupled with Ultrasonic stimulators can reduce the healing by as much as 38%. This means that if a traditional fracture plaster takes 5 weeks to heal your bones, it will take just 3 weeks with the help of 3D Printed Cast. This cast can also be reused for another patient with similar hand size.

Amazing isn’t it ? 3d Printing is helping some amazing innovations in almost all aspects of human life. To know more about other innovations happening around the world with the help of 3d Printing technology keep visiting us.

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Do we Know What is 3d Printing – Think Again

We at Smartprinting are at a mission to make everyone aware about the 3d Printing Technology, I know we are long way away from our goal when I see a video like the one made by Vooza.com.  So Do we know What is 3d Printing ? Think Again !!


The Video was made by folks at vooza, their goal is to make comic strips about the Tech world. They interviewed people looking for job and asked a simple question “What is 3d Printing” and the answer’s they received were hilarious. 3D printing is the future of Manufacturing and the next big step in industrialization after the French industrial revolution.

So if you are one of those who do not know what the F is going on in this video we strongly recommend you take the 3d Printing crash Course. And please do not make a fool of yourself.

Share your comments and views about this video with us.

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