3D Printed Bumper case for Moto 360

Hello Folks, Today We are here to talk about a new kind of protective gear for a new kind of device that’s getting popular with gadget lovers. Yes !! We are talking More »

Eva 3d Printed Sex Toy that claims to be the Worlds First Hands Free Vibrator

A couple of months ago Conventional Sex Toy Industry was spreading the rumors that 3d Printed sex toys were bad for health. This forced me to write an article about how 3d More »

CGtrader announces 3D Printed Gadget Accessories Challenge

CGTrader, an online 3D model marketplace was launched in 2011 and ever since its inception Marius Kalytis the CEO of the company has worked hard to bridge the gap between 3d designers More »

Watch 3D printing live in action at LivePrint

I am part of a maker’s community space here in India, we regularly conduct workshops for people who are interested to know what is 3d Printing. I once observed a mid age More »

3d Printed Stone Clubs looks like a perfect weapon for the modern man.

Stone Age marks the beginning of evolution of the modern man, it’s a time period which lasted nearly 3.4 million years. Before we learnt how to make Stone weapons there was no More »


Moscow 3D boom: second exhibition of 3D printing and scanning 3D Print Expo

3D Print Expo logo


This is Press Release sent to us by 3D Print Expo

For three days – 23, 24 and 25 October, Moscow Exhibition and Convention Center “Sokolniki” became a place where residents and visitors of the capital could get acquainted with the world of modern 3D technology. Second 3D Print Expo became 1,000 square meters bigger and brought together more than 50 companies operating in the industry. The event was attended by about 5 thousand people interested in modern three-dimensional printing and scanning technology.

3D Print Expo is a great opportunity to showcase our products in the industry and see developments of other professionals. I am very glad that I became a part of this show. Interest in our stand is direct evidence that 3D printing in Russia has a great future. Your country has great potential in 3D industry, because I saw so many young people – engineers and designers who are interested and highly evaluate 3D printing technologies“, Johann von Herwarth, head of international sales BigRep GmbH (booth of “Terem”) said.

At 3D Print Expo the following companies presented their stands: 3dquality, Consistent Software Distribution (CSD), DAVID Vision Systems GmbH, iGo3D, Picaso 3D, «RuSky Group-SLM», 3D.ru, «Irwin», RGT, Megapolis Group (MG), REC, Tyga Print, Fabbers, «Tsvetnoy mir», Atelier3d, Witbox Russia, 3dtoday.ru, Print3Dspb, SIU System, Cybercom, ESUN, jForms, Baltexim, State autonomous educational institution « GAOU College of entrepreneurship №11, Hori, etc.


From the very entrance to 3D Print Expo venue visitors saw exclusive designer stands of Consistent Software Distribution (CSD), 3D.ru, SIU System and Picaso 3D that presented a lot of diverse activities for guests and, of course, new items of 3D equipment. CSD surprised guests playing 3D printed guitar – a unique development of 3D Systems made of durable nylon; SIU System surprised with a large number of 3D souvenirs; Picaso 3D – with a race car, its parts made using 3D technology.

Walking through the exhibition, visitors were able to be the first to see new items such as: 3D scanner SLS-2 from DAVID Vision Systems GmbH, where innovative technology “structured illumination” is used, allowing creating highly accurate 3D images in seconds; 3D mouse from Fabbers; 3D printer BigRep ONE with build envelope of more than 1.3 cu.m. that was for the first time presented by Russian company “Terem”; at Baltexim stand show attendees could also try drawing using 3D pen and make their own 3D model with the help of TEXEL specialists, etc.

Due to the fact that the exhibition be conditionally divided into business day (October 23) and visitor days (24-25 October), participants had the opportunity to most effectively coordinate their work in accordance with basic needs of visitors. On business day reports at the conference were mostly focused on business audience, such as businessmen and investors.

On the first day of the exhibition participants managed to establish a lot of contacts with representatives of the industry for further cooperation, and on the other two days they managed to get orders on personalized equipment and services from mass customers.

In addition to the exhibition, operation of conference, master classes, chocolate festival, fashion show, art gallery was organized and all these were operating in non-stop mode. Also, on 24 and 25 of October chess tournament (3D printed eco chess used) and table tennis tournament (rackets were also printed using 3D-printer by SIU System) were held.

At the venue of chocolate festival, confectioners organized the celebration of taste and created culinary masterpieces. Thus, Natural Machines (Spain) presented 3D printer Foodini, capable of printing not only of chocolate, but also of mashed potatoes, and everybody present could try it.

When it comes to educational part of the program, conference of 3D Print Expo presented top scientists, experts, developers and vendors who discussed a number of important issues in themed sections:

• use of 3D printing in various industries;
• how professional 3D printing destroys mass production;
• use of FDM technology in 3D printing;
• how to start and how to earn on 3D printing;
• industrial additive technologies;
• personal 3D printers: from children’s toys to jewelry;
• innovation in production processes and fields of application.

In total, the conference presented 22 reports, and audience paid special attention to Johann von Herwarth (BigRep) who delivered a report on “The coming revolution in industry disruptive manufacturing, or how professional 3D printing will destroy mass production”. Speaker from Germane predicted industrial revolution in the near future when consumers of the wide range of goods will no longer buy the products themselves, but their models in electronic form to print them “in the nearest print shop”.


Also conference attendees appreciated the performances of specialists such as: Ian Yihu (“ESUN: Using FDM technologies in 3D printing”), Ivan Gaydamakin, 3D Control Systems (USA) (“From the idea to finished 3D object: capabilities of modern 3D technology”), Emilio Sepulveda, Natural Machines (Spain) (“Foodini: food revolution or how to print your own breakfast”), Aleksey Mazalov, Center for additive technologies, who held workshop on “Peculiarities of preparing models to 3D printing” (“Treatment” of 3D-models”), etc.

The moderators of the conference were Boris Shpirt, Alina Arslanova, Roman Safonov and Tatiana Shagova.

On October 24, long-awaited ceremony 3D Print Awards was held; it presented the winners in 12 different categories. For their achievements in the field of 3D technology the following companies were awarded: PICASO 3D, 3D Control Systems Ltd, 3D Quality, 3Dtoday, CSD, Cybercom, 3D.RU, Fabbers and other.

Business activities of the third day – master classes – was distinct in creative approach of the lecturers, who clearly demonstrated the possibilities of 3D printing use in prototyping, industrial design, medicine, jewelry, engineering prototyping, and in launching new products to market.

Art gallery with 3D creations of Russian and foreign artists has become another pleasant discovery for participants and visitors of 3D Print Expo. Thus, in the framework of the exhibition jewelry and designer objects from Lionel Dean (London) and companies jforms, «Pretty Gold», «Kosta 3D» and others were presented.

Fashionable 3D accessories and clothing made using 3D technologies were demonstrated during the fashion show for all three days.

As we can see, 3D technology steadily becomes part of our everyday reality. Therefore, we should not underestimate them, because maybe in a few years, we will be not be able to imagine out lives without 3D printer.

«3D Print Expo is very important for us, because all representatives of business environment and leading companies are here; it allows us to communicate and to offer them our services. I think the Russians are e “innovators” as here one can find unrealistically large number of start-ups and it’s good for us as for the company providing services of 3D scanning“, Christian Elbert, representative of DAVID Vision Systems GmbH, said.

Today on the innovation market they have great expectations of 3D printing, and interest and attention to 3D Print Expo is a direct confirmation of this.

The exhibition has once again shown that visitors are interested in achievements of domestic manufacturers. A lot of people came to our booth with surprised faces because they did not believe that our 3D printer is the development of Russian experts“- Sergey Grinets, representative of “Sputnik”, said.

By numerous requests of exhibitors, organizers intend to hold next 3D Print Expo in autumn 2015, which will undoubtedly surprise both participants and visitors with its new and improved program.

Therefore, see you there! Thank you all for your participation and look forward to seeing you next year!

Stay tuned:


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e-mail: [email protected]

3D Printed Bumper case for Moto 360


Hello Folks, Today We are here to talk about a new kind of protective gear for a new kind of device that’s getting popular with gadget lovers. Yes !! We are talking about Wearable gadgets. The wearable gadgets may have been in the market for quite some time now but with the recently announced of the Apple Watch the Smart wearable device market to about to boom.

According to technology analyst Juniper Research there would be around 70 million smart wearable devices will be sold in 2017. Well that’s a huge number, isn’t it ?. Love them or hate them, these gadgets are slowly but surely going to become as common as cell phones and every other gadgets we use to make our lives easy. These Gadgets aren’t cheap and protecting them is the 1st thing on the mind once you have purchase them.


A friend recently bought a Moto 360 and he came me to know if there was some kind of case to save his beautiful looking future ready gadget. He wanted me to help him find a Bumper case for his Moto 360. I knew that this is a new kind of gadget and it would be difficult to find any accessories for it. I mean who would think of making a bumper for a watch ?

I searched a lot and believe me, my quest was not in vain, I came across a seller on Shapeways who was selling a 3D Printed Bumper case for Moto 360 as less as $8. “raelx” is the designer who sells 3D Printed Bumper case for Moto 360 and makes them in two different styles and 12 different colors. The tall version of the bumper is covers everything except the “flat tire” screen cutout where as the short version only covers the circular edge of the Moto 360.

3D Printed Bumper case for Moto 360

3D Printed Bumper case for Moto 360 short1

    Short version Bumper

3D Printed Bumper case for Moto 360-1

Long version Bumper

Yet again 3d Printing was the savior, a bumper for a smart watch is nice idea however we cannot call it very profitable business if mass production was involved. This is yet another example of how 3d Printers can be used to bridge the gap between demand and supply where customized things are required.  So who’s buying the 3D Printed Bumper case for Moto 360 ? Do share your views about this amazing product.

Eva 3d Printed Sex Toy that claims to be the Worlds First Hands Free Vibrator

3d Printed Sex Toys

A couple of months ago Conventional Sex Toy Industry was spreading the rumors that 3d Printed sex toys were bad for health. This forced me to write an article about how 3d Printed Sex Toys is all set to change the Pleasure Industry. I kind of feel proud of that article today, I feel like saying “I Told You So”.


Recently Kinsey Institute, came out with a report that up to 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but as all couples know, providing that stimulation during intercourse is often awkward, tiring, or disruptive to one or both partners.

Alexandra Fine a sex therapy at Columbia University and Janet Lieberman an award-winning mechanical engineer who studied at MIT, came together and decided to solve one of the oldest known mysteries of the human body. They formed a company called “Dame Products,” which has made the worlds first hands-free vibrator to add clitoral stimulation during intercourse. They call it EVA.


Miss Fine says that “Women are much more likely to find sex non-enjoyable and much less likely to have orgasms.” They need stimulation during sex which “is often awkward, tiring, or disruptive to one or both partners.” The sex toys available in the market were not good enough as they were huge and often cannot be used on their own. Eva as a product is quite unique, to use it, you insert it in between your labia lips and leave it on during sex for direct clitoral stimulation.


Fine Miss is on the left, and Lieberman on the right Via indiegogo.com

Miss fine said  We started with a compelling problem: the disparity in sexual pleasure between men and women. From our research, we knew how important clitoral stimulation is for women’s overall satisfaction; this is why many therapists suggest using a vibrator during sex. However, many women and couples find handheld vibrators so awkward and distracting that they actually detract from the experience. So it is no surprise that hands-free vibrating toys like penis rings and the We-Vibe are top sellers. “I wanted to empower women to enjoy sex while creating a product that wasn’t obtrusive, so her partner can still totally focus on her,”. She did not want EVA to look like a penis ( Which almost all vibrators looks like) as they can be intimidating specially in the case of lesbians partners.


Eva, was designed by miss Lieberman, who used her engineering skills and 3d Printers to make prototypes of a feasible product. Quick prototyping that only a 3d Printer provide helped her to design product that has a functional shape and fits a wide range of women. So far 30 women have tested the product and they kind of loved the product.

EVA is now a successfully funded product on Indigogo, The developers wanted to raise $50,000 for the production of the product. Fortunately for Dame Products, Eva has already raised $136,497 that’s a whooping 273% and it has 40 more days to end. If you are an early adopter you can get Eva for $95 from Indigogo, it will retail for $105 in the open market.


3d Printing is changing the prototyping industry in an unprecedented way, things that were deemed only possible using high tech expensive machines can now be made using a 3d printer worth a few thousands of dollars. Eva – 3d Printed Sex toy is yet another example how 3d Printers can be used to launch a product into the market quickly and efficiently. Also check my article about how you can use 3d Printing effectively in almost all product to launch products quickly.

Amazing 3d printing art made by Linlin and Pierre Yves

3d print artists

Paris is the capital of art lovers and artist, for centuries artist have been attracted to this beautiful city like bee have been to their beehives. Its called the “City of Art”, so when we decided to write about 3d printing art we knew where we had to start looking for it. Fortunately for me my search was not in vain. 3d print show which is a yearly event that features the best works in the field of 3d printing was at Paris this year.

3dprint show

When I began my search for the 3d Print Artist of the month on their website I was pleasantly surprised. I have seen many things being made using 3d printers from around the world, but believe me I have never seen anything like this before. Work of many 3d Printing artist was up at display, however 3d Wall art made by Linlin and Pierre-Yves was the one that I could not take my eyes off.

goldfish 3d wall art

According to their website Linlin and Pierre-Yves are experts in Digital Creation from Paris, they started making 3d printing art to give a different dimension to their work. Most of their work is inspired from the beauty of animals, and has the aristocratic ambiance of Paris.


These 3d printing art are Part of the ‘Animal-lace’ art collection. These 3d Printed Wall sculpture can be fit with electric bulbs and illuminated. These work of art are made using 3D printed polyamide and painted with glossy white paint to give it rich feel. Like any genuine art piece these are too made in Limited Edition and can set you back by a few thousands of Euros. If you are interested in purchasing these beautiful art pieces contact the artist.

So Check Out Other 3d Printing Artist on our website.

Unfortunately for Linlin and Pierre-Yves, they did not win the Artist of the year award at the 3d print show this year. But believe me I have never understood the criteria’s on which any art is awarded. Visit the Artist’s website to check out the amazing 3d printed lamp and more of these 3d Printed Wall sculpture.

DF3d Opens India’s first 3d Metal Printing Store

3d Metal Printing

DF3d, is an Indian company that’s all set to democratize 3dprinting in India. They are the providers of a Cloud based software that helps anyone who wants to setup an online store for his/her 3d Printed designs. They have announced that they will also allow customers to make things using metal. It’s a remarkable feat for the development of 3dprinting in India. Mr. Deepak Raj the CEO of DF3d said “The addition of items in metal means that our customers of our platform (who get to have the 3d ecommerce marketplace and subscription to designs) have more options to choose from now.”

metal 3d printing

DF3d’s 3d Metal Printing Store has tied up with a few India based companies for printing in metal. These items are not directly printed in Metal – but printed in Wax and casted in Metal. This means the metal products have superior finish unlike the ones made directly using a metal 3D printers. As of now DF3d’s 3d Metal Printing Store can print using Silver, Brass with Gold coating and Bronze. The 3d metal printed designs can then be shipped anywhere in the world.

We were fortunate to catch hold of Deepak Raj to tell us more about their new 3d Printing venture, he said “3d printing is all about customization and creating that unique design and fabricate something that otherwise is difficult using conventional methods. We realize that 3dprinted plastic is not something that appeals to the masses. Printing in metal (of course, the challenge is always to bring down the costs) hopefully will be more appealing. We want to reach out to more designers and make them embrace this new technology and make them constantly innovate and come up with creative designs in metal”

3d Metal Printing Store of DF3D will certainly go a long way in promoting 3d printing in India. While China is running away in the field of 3d printing hardware, India can still take over the 3d printing industries software part of the business. Indians have had the advantage of producing world class software services at an affordable price, now the onus is on companies like DF3d and others to make India a 3d Printing hub.

CGtrader announces 3D Printed Gadget Accessories Challenge

3D Printed Gadget Accessories Challenge

CGTrader, an online 3D model marketplace was launched in 2011 and ever since its inception Marius Kalytis the CEO of the company has worked hard to bridge the gap between 3d designers and potential customers. Its is one of the biggest open marketplace for 3D designers where any one can upload their 3d models and sell it to customers. The buyers can either buy the design, or can order a 3d Printed version of the selected design and get it shipped via mail or can streaming encrypted copy of the 3d model file directly to the user’s printer.

Over the years they have also worked a lot at promoting new 3d Designers and as a part of this self development program they announce Challenges that inspire new faces to make amazing stuff. CGtrader gives away 3D printing prizes to the winners. CGtrader has announced a new challenge called 3D Printed Gadget Accessories Challenge.


According to the press release I received from CGtrader, this “3D Printed Gadget Accessories Challenge invites 3D designers to create cool and original gadget accessories and combine the ‘out of the box’ ideas with 3D printing.”

“There are two categories in this challenge – best 3D printed model and best 3D printed portfolio. In addition to 3D printing prizes (even 3D printers will be won), every participant will have the opportunity to sell their 3D models on CG Trader, thereby monetizing and showcasing their work.”

The Winner of this challenge will be decided based on these three Criteria’s.

      • Quality of the 3D printed gadget accessories model
      • Uniqueness, innovation, and general achievement in design of the 3D printed gadget accessories model
      • Clear and attractive presentation of the model

So if you think if you are good enough to design 3d printed accessories for your Phones,tablet, Phablets, laptops, camera’s feel free to upload you 3d design to CG Trader. The challenge is open till 8th December 2014 so hurry and submit your entries today. If you are worried about the copyrights of your 3d Model or if you have any other question about the 3D Printed Gadget Accessories Challenge, CGtrader has their FAQ Page that will answers all your questions. Also read the Terms and Condition Page to know if you are eligible to be a part of this amazing challenge. GOOD LUCK.

Watch 3D printing live in action at LivePrint


liveprint_logoI am part of a maker’s community space here in India, we regularly conduct workshops for people who are interested to know what is 3d Printing. I once observed a mid age man staring at the 3d printer which was at that time printing a LFS Elephant. He just stood there for 40 minutes doing nothing but just looking at the 3D printing live in action. I was curious to know what was going on, so I walked up to him and asked. He said watching a 3D printing live in action was a very mesmerizing experience. If you feel he was crazy you need to think again. Every one who own a 3d printer or has seen a 3d printer in action has done this. Seeing something being made out of just useless looking plastic strings is very pleasing. LivePrint is a website that fulfills this addicting of yours.


LivePrint is one of the simplest website I have come across. The webpage consists of a Video section that plays live streaming of things being 3d printed, a chat box where you can write what ever you want and talk to other MAD people like you. It also has a VOTE section where you can vote for the next product that’s going to be 3d Printed. If you are lucky enough you might just win the 3d Printed object you voted for.


I was unable to find anything about the developer of LivePrint as there was no information available on the website, however with a little bit of research I found the owner of the website to be a Guy named Dan Pastusek, from Lubbock, Texas. If you really own this site Dan you are doing an amazing job. We all 3d Printing enthusiast really appreciate it. I want the Low Poly Pikachu for appreciating your work  Smile Wicked smile.

3d Printed Stone Clubs looks like a perfect weapon for the modern man.

3d Printed Stone Weapons

Stone Age marks the beginning of evolution of the modern man, it’s a time period which lasted nearly 3.4 million years. Before we learnt how to make Stone weapons there was no difference between other animals on this planet and us. These weapons no matter how simple they were was a proof that we had brains that can use the resources around us to make our lives easier. These Stone Clubs our ancestors made to protect themselves from wild animals and to hunt is contemporaneous to the advancement of the modern Man. Unfortunately these Stone Clubs and stone tools are also the most ignored artifacts at any museum. Kids are not interested to see them as they look too primitive. Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow, two design artists from Israel have set on a mission to make people aware about such important part of our evolution history in a new light. They have made 3d Printed Stone Clubs that are no less interesting than 3d Printing itself.


I found these 3d Printed Stone Clubs on Reddit, I have tried contacting the designers to know more about these amazing piece of art. Will keep you update about these beauties once I have more information available. Source : Reddit and Amidov