Meet the God of the Geeks – 3d Printed Ganpati

Its festival season here in India and every one is busy worshipping their favorite Hindu god Ganesh. It’s the time of the year when Hindus bring home an idol of Lord Ganesh and worship it and immerse the idol in water on the 10 days. Till now these Ganesh Idols were made using plaster of paris or clay as they were to be immersed in water, however that was not good enough for geeks. So they decided to make a 3d Printed Ganpati.


Folks at Altem Technologies decided to make the 3d Printed version of the Hindu god of knowledge and wisdom. They 3d scanned 8 different forms of Ganesha and printed the idols using Stratasys FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) & Polyjet technology based 3D Printers.

These 3d Printed Ganpati idols are at public display at M.G Road Metro Station’s “Rangoli – Metro Art Centre” and would be kept there till 7th Sept 2014. Religion is an integral part of Indian social structure and this is fusion of technology with gods would go a long way in promoting 3d Printing in India.


This is what Mr. Prasad Rodagi, Founder Director of ALTEM Technologies had to say about the 3d Printed Ganpati :

“Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, and as the god of intellect and wisdom. Being the god of beginnings, he is worshiped at the start of rituals and ceremonies. 3D Printing is a technology used right in the beginning of the engineering design cycle to overcome flaws in design & development of new products. Invariably, any product takes 3D Printed form before taking its commercial avatar. Additionally, an idol of Ganesha is one of the most intricate idols in India, which can give the viewer can excellent idea about the possibilities of 3D Printing. Hence, Lord Ganesha is being 3D Printed in this scale for the first time in the country on the occasion of Ganesha Chathurthi.”

They also made a hash tag #3dprintedganesha to promote this effort of theirs. Here’s a short teaser video they launched before they put the 3d Printed Ganpati on display

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3d Printed lingerie to beat the ban on Lace underwear’s by Eurasian Union

We have heard a lot about 3d Printed guns, 3d Printed houses and a zillion other things that can be 3d Printed. Its time for the 3d Printed lingerie to get its One Minute Of Fame. Why on earth would any one want to print an underwear ? Hold your breath we will explain.

This July the Eurasian Union, which consists of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus passed a law banning import, production or sale of synthetic lace lingerie. What !!!

Banned Panties

No, the Russians were not planning to start a no underwear cult when they passed this law. As a matter of fact they want to protect their people from low-quality synthetic fibers as they aren’t “hygroscopic”  enough, which means they don’t allow the skin to breathe like they should. However lazy wording by the bureaucrats meant that instead of tackling only the use of low-quality synthetic fibers, it outlawed any underwear made of non-natural material that does not meet a 6 per cent absorption threshold.This Dumb Law, was not well accepted by girls in Eurasian Union and there were wide spread protest.


A German Company Lascana decided to do something about this situation, and they hired a Russian designer Victoria Anoka to help them make a 3d Printed Underwear. Once the designing was completed it was sent over to 3DPrintus a Moscow based 3-D printing company. They printed this shells and pearls based 3d Printed lingerie using Nylon.


Lascana informed that these 3d Printed lingerie would be available by November for around a thousand rouble or around $80, but definitive prices have yet to be announced. it is said that

Every woman should have lace panties in her sexy lingerie drawer. Sheer, stretch lace is sexy and demurely feminine – a combination any guy would love.

Do have know something more about 3d Printed lingerie that we don’t know ? Share with us.

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Customs made 3d Printed Electric Guitars for the Rock Stars of Generation Z

3d Printing technology is changing the way we make and sell products. We can now 3d print anything from pin to plane and some internal body organs as well. It’s the technology that has infinite practical application at a fraction of the cost that we spend righ now. Custom made 3d Printed Electric Guitars is yet another example of how this technology can revolutionize the production of things we need.


Every soul which plays guitar has a dream to purchase a custom made guitar for himself. Who does not need a guitar that looks and feels the way they want, however this need of ours were decided by the guitar manufacturers. They were like a robot making factory which kept producing the same kind of robot for years and people were forced to buy one as they could not afford the high cost of Custom made Guitars. 3d Printed Electric Guitars is set to change the way play our music as well.

Customuse is a company based in United Kingdom and founded by Mahdi Hosseini which has the capacity to change the dream of a affordable custom made Guitar into a reality. It is said that “necessity is the mother of all invention”, so when Mr. Hosseini’s girlfriend was not able to afford a custom made guitar to gift him one, they decided to make customs made 3d Printed Electric Guitars which people could afford.

“I always had a passion for 3D printing, so when we were discussing the issues with the high cost of personalization of guitars due to inefficient manufacturing processes, I had one of those AHA moments, It all became clear, why not use the latest technology? That is when we came up with the idea to make personal, unique and affordable 3D-printed electric guitars.”

Customuse guitars are not all about 3d printed parts, as a matter of fact it’s a perfect blend of the old and the new. The printed body is wrapped around a CNC-machined tone wood block, the neck is still wood and hardware like bridge, pickups and tuners are as you would find them on a traditionally-made guitar.

The body of the 3d Printed Electric Guitars is made using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) machines with very large print-beds. Mr. Hosseini was very confident about the quality of his 3d printed Guitar when he said  “This allows us to print our guitar bodies in a single piece using nylon 12 powder; hence creating a much more robust and resonant structure in comparison with other 3D printing technologies. The outcome is a very solid body with a smooth finish especially on the rounded edges. In the future, we aim to create a more available alternative for younger players using a more affordable FDM (Fused Deposition Molding) process. However, this method has its limitations and the final outcome would not compete with the current SLS models.”


Customuse is currently selling 3 types of 3d Printed Electric Guitars on their etsy store for £1,500.00. They are planning to launch an online platform where the customer would be able to customize things like Color of the body, tone woods, hard-tail or tremolo bridges, single-coil or humucking pickups, and neck profile and wood for their custom Guitar. These customization would revolve around the few custom made templates of guitars which would be selected by the customer. Once the customization is complete and an order is placed, the Customs made 3d Printed Electric Guitar would be delivered at the door step within 2 weeks.

This is what Mr. Hosseini had to say about the level of customization this browser based application would have :

“We allow customers to choose a tone wood that best matches their special tone,” explains the company’s founder. “For example we suggest mahogany or walnut for players who favor a warmer darker tone; and ash for a brighter result. If a player chooses to use our standard specs, we will fit the guitar with a tone-wood that we believe matches the pickups and the character of that particular model. We also use the same dimensions for all our wooden center block (with the exception of Sunrise) this means that the customers would be able to purchase a Customuse guitar today and change it into another guitar of a different shape later by ordering a new body.”

The online platform that allows one to customize their own 3d printed Guitar is supposed to go live by November 2014. For people who are old school and do not like technology to take over every aspect of life the company is planning to offer a premium service where the player can sit down with one of the Customuse designers and build their ultimate personal instrument.

Source: Customuse

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David 3d Printer is the worlds first to print using Plastic Pellets

David, is the worlds first commercial desktop pellet 3d printer from Sculptify, and its now available for crowd funding on Kickstarter. I know you would have this question in your mind. What’s difference between David 3d printer and other zillion others available in the market ? While the 3d printers available right now use Plastic Filaments, David is the first 3d printer used plastic pallets as raw material.


David 3d Printer is quite a revolutionary concept as it breaks the manufacturing cycle of a Plastic filament. Hence the Plastic pellets that the David 3d Printer is way cheaper than the actual Filaments, which makes the 3d printed objects way cheaper as well.


David 3d Printer is available for a price tag of $3195 which seems higher than the other printers available for sale, however if you compare the operational cost of the printer is way cheaper then the other options available.

David 3d Printer Features  :

  • Print Volume : 20w x 22d x 18.5h cm (7.8in x 8.6in x 7.3in)
  • Heated print bed & Automatic bed calibration
  • Prints ABS, PLA, Nylon, high-density polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), high impact polystyrene, polycarbonate, and wood composites.
  • David 3d Printer runs on an open source software to print.

David 3d Printer at work


Who would not want a 3d printer that does so much at a cheaper printing cost ? Kickstater community seems to be in love with this printer already. Sculptify wants $100000 to make David 3d printer a reality, out of which $26,703 is already pleaded within a few hours.

If you thought you have known almost everything about David 3d Printer you are about to be pleasantly surprised. According to the CEO of Sculptify Slade Simpson David 3d printer is made with the motto to print using recycle material, here is what he had to say :

We have done a few trials of recycling parts in-house, and for all intents and purposes, it’s completely feasible. Since most (if not all) of the materials that David will ever print will be thermoplastic polymers, they can be printed and reprinted over and over, with the only limit being the degradation of the material. In theory, you could print a part, use it for a while, then grind it, and reprint it. This could potentially go far beyond David just printing recycled materials (like the new 3D Systems machine) – he could, practically speaking, reuse the same material over and over, until contamination/degradation becomes an issue – let’s see Will.I.Am do that.


If you were waiting to jump into the 3d Printing bandwagon and want to buy the David 3d Printer we have a good news for you. David 3d Printer is available at a discounted price $2745 on Kickstarter however this offer is only available for the first 40 3d Printers. So hurry up and head over to Kickstarter to pre order one today.

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3d Printing Full Color plastic now possible with Shapeways

Until recently 3d printed objects were more in single or Dual color, but things are changing real fast. Shapeways a leading 3d printed object marketplace has announced that they would be launching 3d Printing Full Color plastic.


When a designer wanted to make a proto type of a 3d Printed object on Shapeways, he had to chose from the range of colors available in Full Color Sandstone. With some innovation in 3d printing material Shapeways has announced that it was not possible to make 3d Printing Full Color plastic. According to the Shapeways blog.

We are elated to be the first to offer this diverse Full Color Plastic material to our 3D Modeling community. It will initially be released to a select group of Pilot Designers as a part of our Design Pilot with the material. We’re rolling this out slower than normal because we want our core community to experiment, touch, play with and explore this new material before we offer to the public and begin managing customer expectations. If we deem it worthy of all your creative shoppers, we will make the material public for all to enjoy.


If you are excited to be an early adopter of the Full color Plastic 3d prints Shapeways has setup a form where you could register. Full color Plastic 3d prints is an amazing advancement and certainly adds a lot of color to the 3d printing industry. If you happen to be a designer and are making anything using Full color Plastic do let us know.  Source : Shapeways

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Chota Bheem needs help, does your child has it in him to be Superhero Ninja – Klinja

I guess all Indians who have kids at home would know who Chota Bheem is. For people who dont know, Chota Bheem is an animated comedy-adventure series that was first showcased on POGO in 2008. Chota Bheem and his friends are for Dholakpur what Batman is for Gotham City. Chota Bheem is extremely successful cartoon for Pogo with over 150 episodes & more than 12 movies. Usually Chota Bheem is apt to handle the problem he faces however there has been instances where he has been seen wanting for help. Klinja is one such character. The good news is that Klinja is no impersonal cartoon character, you can go to Kloneworld and upload your child’s photograph and make him KLINJA !!.


“Klinja is the first ever superhero that a kid can truly become. Instead of just wearing a costume or a sticker or a mask, kids can actually see themselves become a superhero and perform great feats of heroism…kids can see themselves interact with the world around themselves and watch the other characters respond to them. Klinja is not Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent or Suraj wearing a mask. Klinja is your child.”

We live in a time where the physical world and the virtual one have just started to know how to be in sync and interact with each other in harmony. Recent launch of toy-to-tablet starter pack is a perfect example of the same. The want to be like the superhero character shown in the comics has been a craze for a long time, this effort by Kloneworld is a kind of extension to this desire. Klinja is unique in its kind as it is a virtual version of your child and not the real version of a fictional character. CEO of Kloneworld, Ajay Sharma, put it this way:

“We realize that in today’s ever growing faceless world of emoticons and avatars, people are losing hold of their identities. We at Kloneworld see ourselves as storytellers who aim to bring that back by allowing people to see themselves in animations, short movies, books or 3D printed toys and other memorabilia set in entertaining and educational stories that we tell.”.


You can make a personalized movie, books, 3D figurines by just uploading Image of your child on the Kloneworld website. So what are you waiting for ? Give your child the wings he needs to fly in the virtual world. Share your Son’s/Daughters Klinja Figurines with us and we would be glad to feature it on our website.

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Grab an Up Mini 3D Printer for half the price !!

Up Mini 3d Printer made by Chinese manufacturer Tiertime, is selling at an amazing discounted price of $599 along with free shipping. Yes heard me correct just $599 !!. The original price for the Up Mini 3d Printer is US$899 + shipping $122-$204, So if I do my math correct this amazing 3D Printer is selling for almost half the cost.


Up Mini 3d Printer is a pretty sturdy printer with some amazing reviews from actual users at amazon. It’s a true to its word consumer desktop printer as it does not need a lot of technical expertise to use it. Up Mini 3d Printer features a build envelope of 4.75 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches/120 x 120 x 120 mm (H x W x D) and vertical (Z-axis) resolution from 200 to 400 microns (0.20 to 0.40 mm). It also features an all-metal enclosure which helps reduce temperature fluctuation, noise, and odor. This enclosure along with the PCB heated build platform reduces wrapping of the 3d printed parts.

So what are you guys waiting for ? If you are in USA or China grab this offer and order an Up Mini 3d Printer right away. Here are links for the Amazon Store USA and China. Note the American link is a sponsored link.

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QSQM is giving away Free Uncia 3D Printers for schools in Asia

Earlier this month QSQM ( Chinese Company ) launched a Crowd funding campaign to introduce the upgraded version of Uncia 3D Printers. Uncia 3D Printers is undoubtedly the most affordable DLP 3D Printers available in the market, QSQM has made the Uncia better by adding a better projector and a doing a lot of tweaks over its earlier versions of the printer. The cost to improve the printer was set at $10000 which was raised within 4 days at Indigogo. Fortunately for people interested in purchasing the 3d printer the price of the product was not increased.

If you are lucky enough you can still get a Uncia 3D Printers along with a projector for $599 (early bird cost) and one without the projector for $299 (early bird cost). Uncia is selling at almost half the price of other DLP SLA printers. QSQM also pledged that one school in Asia would receive a Uncia free 3D printer, and when all of the early bird priced $599 printers with the projector are gone a second school would get a 3D printer. Then, with the early birds gone, five more 3D printers would be given away, once both of the $299 and the $399 3D printers without the projector were sold, and an additional five 3D printers given away once all of the $599 and $699 printers were sold.

asia_orthographic It’s the way for QSQM to give it back to the society, most of the countries marked in Green in the above map are the countries eligible to get a Free Uncia 3D Printer. Most of these are poor Asian countries where schools cannot afford a 3d Printer. In order to increase awareness about 3d Printing and introducing the concept of 3d Printing QSQM wants to share a part of the profit earning with the needy. It is not every day that one get the opportunity to get a 3d Printer so if you are a student, School administrator or just a well wisher of a school Contact QSQM and let them know why you think your school deserves a Free 3d Printer.

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Know how 3d Printed Sex Toys is all set to change the Pleasure Industry

Hi Folks, Its been a while since I posted anything on, I have been busy with some personal commitments and would like to sincerely apologize to all my website visitors and followers. I can assure you that I would be more committed to writing and you will be able to see and learn almost every thing you ever need to know about the 3d Printing Industry just by visiting my site. During my time off writing, I came across a few sites that were glamorizing the Sex Toys Industry by adding the word 3d before it. The conventional Sex Toy industry is still to evaluate the consequences of its democratizing.


Adult sex paraphernalia is a hot and happening industry with an estimated annual sale of around 15 Billion US Dollars. Until recently most sex toys were only available in physical stores and buying them made you prone to exposing yourself and embarrassment of running into someone you know. However things have changed, most online retailers have started selling Sex Toys online. Leading the trend is none other than Amazon which has somewhere close to 60000 products on sale.

The latest craze is that of 3D Printed Sex Toys, which are easily available and is far more cost effective than the conventional over the counter products. If you happen to be an early adopter of a 3d Printer you can download a Sex Toy blueprints for free from sites like or you can pay for a 3d design from and for as less as $5 you can get the blueprint of 3d Printed Sex Toy. Worlds largest Torrent search website Thepiratesbay coined a new word called Physibles which means “A data object that is capable of being manufactured as a physical object using an additive manufacturing process such as with a 3D printer.” If you happen to check this section of the website you will find some free downloadable 3d Printed sex toy designs.

With so many options available I am sure that the conventional Sex Toys Industry would be scared to death for its profitability. And we have already started to see some reactions against it in popular media. Mashable recently published an article talking about the Dangers of the 3d Printed Sex Toys and claimed that microscopic gaps between the layers of a 3d Printed Sex toy is like a safe haven for germs and bacteria that cause “bacterial vaginosis (also known as “thrush”), cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) and sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia, syphilis and herpes.” According to the same article the rough surface of the 3d printed sex toy can also damage internal organs and cause serious heath issues. While I agree with what Mashable had to say I have serious doubts with the timing of this articles. If you are in America or some European country you will find a brick and mortar sex toy store. Pay them a visit and you will be amazed to find that most of these products are made in China and do not pass any quality checks and are not approved by any medical authority in the country. These Conventional sex toys contain high level of phthalates which can also cause damage to the liver, lungs, kidneys, testes and can cause hormonal disruption. To my amazement these products are sold as novelties and hence are permitted to contain known toxins in them such as phthalates.

There is another aspect that we need to consider as it might open up a booming economy for the Sex toys industry.  Sex Toys are a prohibited products in India and South Africa as it is considered as a form of “unnatural sexual act”. 3D printed sex toys would give access of these Pleasure Products to a billion of Indians and a few million South Africans. It would be really interesting to see how the government of these countries cope with the free availability of 3d Printed Sex toys.

Like many industries Sex Toys industry is facing tough competition from 3d Printed Sex Toys. Its like a cold war between capitalism and communism of the manufacturing sector. Lets see who wins however I favor the later.

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Learn 3d Printing at Makers Asylum

Hi Folks, I remember explaining a Tech Blogger about 3d Printing and he could not grasp the idea that something real and physical can be made on a printer. While explaining the concept of 3d Printing I realized that if I had a 3D Printer to show him how make objects outs of thin air it would be lot more easier for me to teach him the technology behind it. 3d Printing is a difficult thing to explain to someone who has never seen a 3D Printer. Maker’s Asylum which is a non profit community place has made this difficult task a reality. If You want to Learn 3D Printing its a perfect place to start from.


Based in Bandra, Mumbai, Maker’s Asylum is a place that provides the tools required for innovators and DIY enthusiast to make the things they could not because of lack of equipments and technical know how to use them. I was there yesterday and had an extremely nice time with 3d Printing enthusiast.I got the opportunity to be meet one of the co founders Vaibhav Chhabra of Makers Asylum and he came across as an extremely polite and knowledgeable person. He took the session where he taught people about the basics of 3d Printing and the software’s used to operate a 3d Printer.

The 2 hours course on the basic’s of 3d Printing at Maker’s Asylum covered these topics.

How the 3D printer works
- Various methods of 3D printing. (SLS, SLA, FDM)
- Setting up the machine
- Software used to make 3D models (Sketch up, free cad, and thingiverse customiser)
- Making your designs ready for the printer.

Makers Assylum has a Flash Forge 3d Printer and prototype 3d printer built by Cycloid which assist people while they learn 3d Printing. For a nominal fee of Rs. 1000 you also get 5 hrs worth of free printing time on their 3d printer. They have a 3d Printing Training biweekly and one can call any time of the week and arrange a appointment for people who wish to use the 3d Printer.

They facility also has an electronics lab, a CNC mill, wood working hand and power tools for people who want to work on DIY projects. Any one can use these tools who has successful completion of equipment-specific Safety and basic training – They don’t want you to get Killed !!


Check out some Images from the 3d Printing Training held at Maker’s Asylum yesterday.

So what are you guys waiting for ? learning 3d Printing cannot get any easier than this. Call Maker’s Asylum today and find out when is the next 3d printing training session. If you need more information about Makers Asylum or the courses they offer and the equipments that have with them drop in a comment below and we will get the information for you.

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